LOfavør Home Contents Insurance is included in your NTL membership

LOfavør Home Contents Insurance

LOfavør Home Contents Insurance is included in your NTL membership. It is the only home contents insurance in Norway with no upper coverage limit. The insurance covers home contents and movables such as furniture, clothes, etc. in the case of fire, water damage and theft. It also covers legal assistance and liabilities in related matters.


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The insurance has a relatively low excess of kr. 3 000 with the exception of mobile phones where the excess is kr. 1 000. If more than one person in the same household is covered by the insurance, excess is reduced to zero as compensation for the double premium.

A collective insurance policy

All NTL members are covered by the Home Contents Insurance and members cannot opt out of it (as of July 1st 1980). Nearly one million LO members are covered collectively and, therefore, premiums can be kept relatively low.

If two members of the same household are covered by the insurance, they each pay the premium but as compensation the excess is reduced to zero.

More information

You will find all relevant detail at lofavor.no.

Or call: +47 416 06 600

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