LOfavør Travel Insurance is optional for NTL members

LOfavør Travel Insurance

LOfavør Travel Insurance is an option for employed NTL members. It covers holiday and leisure trips as well as work-related travel, and is valid irrespective of distance, duration and mode of transport. Excess applies only in the event of medical treatment.

Up-to-date premium for LOfavør Travel Insurance for NTL members.

- Up to 70 days (can be extended to 90 or 180 days)
- You, your spouse/partner/cohabitant, children up to the age of 20, irrespective of whether you travel as a group or separately
- Theft and damage to luggage
- Luggage delayed or lost
- Illness and repatriation
- Accidents
- Liabilities
- Cancellation only in the case of acute illness
- The insurance must be valid prior to first booking related to the trip in question
- Coverage of excess resulting from damage to rental car (not permanently leased car or car from car sharing platforms or similar), up to kr. 12000 per incident and kr. 30 000 per year.
- Damage to mobile phones, computers, tablets and similar is not covered by the travel insurance.

See full terms and conditions on lofavor.no. Notice that the price you are offered on lofavor.no is higher than the one you pay through NTL. NTL's insurance is a collective scheme covering a large number of people and is, therefore, a benefit of NTL membership.

Proof of insurance
You can download LOfavør's app and access your proof of insurance electronically. If necessary, you can order a hard copy from LOfavør.

More information

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